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At the Ripe old age of nineteen and a half, I am embarking on a whole new area of life never before experienced. Yes ladies and gents, that of love. Uh oh, it could all go so so wrong!

Monday, June 06, 2005

still going well....!

well, so far so good! Lover-boy has read myfirst entry and while he's gone quiet, i don't think it's because he's annoyed with me. I think it's because i wore him out this morning.

need i really say any more...?

Friday, June 03, 2005

Here goes....

well, here goes.....

welcome to my diary. I am going to chart my wondrous, never-before-done-by-me journey into adulthood. No, I'm not taking a pilgrimage to the Holy City. I mean, I've finally got a steady boyfriend!!! get me!

Now this may not seem like an unusual thing for a young student, not bad looking , bit acne-fied, nice arse, but there is much you don't know yet!

The thing is, Idon't really "do" boyfriends. As any young woman today knows, a good man is hard to find, and even harder to hold on to. And once you've got hold of him, you get bored and go off with a bad boy, who breaks your heart. It is the law of lust. hence why, my longest relationship to boot, is the grand total of 2 and a half months. pitiful really. And he even left the country to escape me! (well, maybe not because of me, maybe because of work but it was cracking timing to get a posting to Belize!).

Also disgustingly bad, is the fact I lost my virginity 2 years ago, and in that time, I've notched up a veritable baker's dozen of conquests. All the products of flings and one and two night stands. Even my manager at work had a piece (damn that vodka). That, as my NEW LOVER worked out, was one guy every 2 months-ish. And he called me a slag. Though not in as many words. Therefore my previous promiscuity led to our first argument, Where I promptly cried and told him not to judge me by previous mistakes. Job done I think.

So, my new boyfriend. It's been onthe cards a while. You know when the sexual tension builds up to such a point, it's irresistable to act on it? technically, lover-boy had a girlfriend already. (hangs head in shame) I knew about her. but fell for him anyways. And lo and behold, my fairy godmother was around that day, drunkenly waving her wand around (my fairy godmother has a drinking problem, it's the gin that gets her you see) and he.... (say all this in one breath, i dares you) finishes with his girlfriend the day after he decides he wants me and less than aweek later he and I are a legally-binding, fully-functioning couple, fit to burst with all the tension.

Things like this dont happen to me. Men use me for sex and then go find little girlfriends who are sweet and virginal. And, i can assure you, i don't do sweet and virginal. therefore, you can imagine my confusion and paranoia about this situation. That's why I want to note down everything that happens. I know anyone reading this must be thinking, "why cant she just be happy that something good's happened to her", but i just don't want to be proved right in my distrust of mankind :-)

I'm over a month in as I write this and hopefully, all is well (i'm writing it fromhis computer so i assume so!) Lover-boy (to protect his identity-and in case he reads this, he's a sneaky brummie) is the best thing that's happenedto me recently. I've not been able to wipe the smile off my face. Cue vicious vomiting and disgust at how lovey-dovey I am.

everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!